I went into my brother’s room whilst he was playing ans started taking images of him. I was talking to him whilst taking these and acted as though I was just playing with my camera like a toy and occasionally taking shots to make sure it works. This is a technique I have found most effective when trying to get natural shots of Henry.

Henry watching video clips © Hollie Woodward 2012

He didn’t do a great deal. He was just sat at his desk watching YouTube clips on his laptop. I focused in on his face, trying to capture how fixated he can become whilst watching these clips. This image was taken at night, with the bedroom lights and a slight glow from the laptop as the light sources.

I continued with the same idea of capturing the gaze with my two step brothers, who also often play in Henry’s room. Unfortunately, I could not take images of them in Henry’s room as we only see them a few times a week and could only see them at my grandparents house. Although they weren’t taken in his room, I have still captured their gaze, in these cases whilst playing games.

Harley playing on the PS2 © Hollie Woodward 2012

Whilst photographing Harley, I took a different approach. I tried to be invisible, turns out that is very easy when he is playing on the PS2. He had no idea these were being taken until Connor asked what I was doing.

Connor on his Ipad © Hollie Woodward 2012

The angle of this image is quite different to the other two as Connor is on his Ipad, a smaller and more personal platform. I found when photographing Connor it is way better to just tell him what I’m doing. Knowing how to approach all of them when taking images will make it easier to approach them in the future as well as getting the natural images I would like.

The images of Connor and Harley were taking during the day, using the natural light from the window softened by blinds. These were taken on my Canon 550d with a 50mm lens at a small fstop, blowing out the background and keeping all focus on their faces.



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    What a lovely portrait of your brother! Portraits aren’t easy, but I do have one of my cat, Nemo, on Redgage. Don’t know if you’re on that site, but if you are, come see it!
    PS: Glad to follow you!

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