Painting Cells

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I was inspired by acrylic paint pouring techniques online and wanted to try and replicate the cell making process using surgical spirit and acrylic paint

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I struggled to find the right consistency of paint and surgical spirit to create large defined cells.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I did find some nice textures using dry brushes and a few colours of acrylic paint though that I could use in other projects.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I gave up the acrylic paint as it wasn’t working for me, so started to use Spectrum Noir markers instead, with much better results.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I started to figure out how to control the surgical spirit better and how to get more defined cells.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I played around with merging colours together as well as creating more of a composition using the surgical spirit.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I was about to glue this piece in my sketchbook when I discovered the back of the paper was just as interesting as the front.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I created a few samples onto the same mixed media paper, this time using a black alcohol-based marker to get more contrast. From these I could isolate cells by scanning them and creating a brush out of them on Photoshop.

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In Photoshop, I used the brush I made from the cell painting to create backgrounds, adjusting the size and angle jitters for variation in cell appearance. I also played around with the color choices, keeping it in the red scheme, and the direction of which they are positioned. Some are more successful than others but I feel this is a good base for future work. I can start to work on foregrounds and creating characters and my own disease like creatures.


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