Tutorial 24/10/17

Sketchbook 24/10/17 ©Hollie Woodward 2017

These are the notes I made from this week’s tutorial with Caroline. I feel I am going in the right direction with my work. I want to play more and expand upon what I’ve already done.

One thing I didn’t say that I’d do this week is look into animation and experiment with its possibilities. For now, because I have given myself quite a bit to do, I will only make small tests as opposed to complete animations. Because I have no experience with this before, I want to allow myself enough time to get used to the process through short gifs.

After I made these notes from the tutorial, I started playing around with drawing more tumor-like creatures, the same as I have done in previous pages of my sketchbook. I was playing around with tight curves and loosening up to allow more jagged lines. I also played around with subtle differences in eyes to create different impressions of emotions. This is something I need to work on further this week.


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