Upcoming Events

Whether this is just good research or that I’ve been incredibly lucky with how many relevant events are coming up, I don’t know, but I am very excited about these:

David Lynch: The Art Life @ Plymouth Arts Centre

Thursday 26th October 2017

David Lynch is probably one of my all time favourite people. I have loved every film of his that I’ve seen and just think he oozes cool. When I saw that there was a documentary out about his art, I thought “I have to see this”. I have my ticket booked ready for tomorrow evening’s viewing at Plymouth Arts Centre. From the limited paintings of his I have come across online, I feel the torture and pain in his images may have influence in my work. Although the link is currently tenuous and am seeing this mainly for pleasure, I am hoping some of this could feed into my work.

Make:Shift:Do @ Fab Lab Plymouth

Friday 27th October 2017

This is a workshop that will show how health and well being data can be visually presented in 3 dimensional objects, to educate and entertain. These will be made based on data provided by Plymouth City Council, so having some access to that will no doubt be beneficial. This is a free event, with potential for having people from a medical background there. If the opportunity arises, I may be able to share my project with others, and see what they’re working on. It could be a good chance to network with others, as well as learn.

Drawing on Your Own Experience

As part of Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? @ Wellcome Collection
7th September – 14th January 2018

I have mentioned “Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?” in a previous post, but wanted to wait until the program of events came through, in the hope that at least one of them may be relevant. “Drawing on Your Experience” proves to be very beneficial for me, as it promises to explore how our medical histories could be visualised and shared with healthcare professionals. This is perfect for me and exactly what I want to be looking at. I haven’t yet booked a ticket, as they are not opening until Friday, but will be doing so first thing on the 27th. I plan to spend the day at Wellcome Collection, for this event as well as the exhibition but also the permanent exhibitions of historical medical artefacts as well as their library. Very excited for this.


Basquiat: Boom for Real @ Barbican, London

I’ve had an awareness of Basquiat’s work for some time, but never really looked further into it until brought up by a friend on the MA course. I then watched a documentary about him, and identified with the anger in his work. I particularly related to his images of skulls. With my work being a result of anger towards my body and illness, I would like to see his work in person and just feel it.

Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! @ Arnolfini, Bristol

27th September 2017 – 24th December 2017

Grayson Perry is another one of my heroes, particularly after watching a series of documentaries delving into masculine stereotypes and how he interpreted his findings into his work. With this exhibition, I’m not necessarily going to be looking at the subject matter, but his presentation methods are what interest me and how he invites a much wider audience into his work.




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