Sick! Zine Workshop

Last night, I went to the Sick! Zine workshop at the Wellcome Collection in London. I was already aware of the work that Sick! do and have followed their work individually and as a collective since becoming aware of them a couple of months ago.

Photo by Zara Carpenter

This workshop was all about creating zines, a non-filtered form of publishing. The theme for these zines were invisible illness. I have never made a zine, so Xtina and Zara explained what they are and how to make them. I enjoyed the freedom of just playing around with the supplies on the table, including anatomical stamps, handmade stamps by previous workshop participators, with facilities to make our own stamps. There were alcohol markers, brush pens, all sorts to play with.

I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to draw or put in my zine, so I just did some automatic drawing, which turned into the tumor-like creatures I have been working on lately. These creatures for me are a visualisation of my invisible illness, so seemed relevant.

Photo by Zara Carpenter

What was really cool was that the creations from the workshop, if given permission by the creator, were put into a collective zine. Two pieces of mine are in Sick #3, but was also really interesting to see other peoples work, get an understanding and relating to their issues of invisible illness.

It got me thinking about how much invisible illnesses affect people, not just the sufferers but their loved ones. There are similarities in so many of these conditions, the fact that they are invisible are integral to that. I wrote my zine about some of the things doctors have said to me when trying to explain my symptoms, saying that its my mind playing tricks on me and that it’s just stress. Zara and Xtina read it as they were making a copy of the zine for me and said I was one of them, they’ve been told the same thing.

Zines could be something to explore further in the process of creating work for my research project. It’s cheap to produce in large quantities, as well as easy to distribute. There’s also room for collaboration with this, inviting other artists to create content on the same theme.


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