Pill Pattern

Pill Pattern ©Hollie Woodward 2017

I was inspired by one of Zara Carpenter’s stamps from the Sick! Zine workshop to create this background for my blog. I wanted to have a go at creating a digital repeat pattern and liked the idea of using my own medication as the source of inspiration.

I used a square file, and drew the pill in black. From that I created a brush, adjusted the size and angle jitter and dotted them around the centre of the square, staying away from the edges. I divided this in quarters, and crossed over the sections e.g. top left square swaps with bottom right. I then filled in the gaps with more pills. This creates a seamless repeat pattern from every direction.

I have tried this technique before, but wanted another go just as a refresher. I think it would be cool to see where this technique could go, especially as I have considered moving into my work into fabric design, to be made into soft furnishings such as pillowcases, linking to chronic illness, as suggested by Wendy, a fellow Illustration student.


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