David Lynch on Creativity

This video came up on my Facebook feed and felt that it was relevant to what we were discussing in last week’s workshop on playing and generating ideas.

Ideas are like fish. You don’t make the fish, you catch the fish

-David Lynch

This relates to the OKGO Ted talk we were shown last week, talking about how to generate ideas.

Both talk about generating ideas from day dreaming, something I do quite a lot. That space of nothingness and fullness and unconscious thinking is where more obscure and tiny ideas come from, which I am learning to note down when I think of them, or get them documented in some form, whether in my sketchbook or saved as a note on my phone. From there, I try to contextualise this idea. I am really struggling with finding words to describe my ideas, so have started to take to academic texts to find the right language for my idea. This process is also relevant to the process of writing an abstract.

We have been discussing noticing in workshops, and how to constitutes as research. Lynch talks about this in the interview above, saying that you can look at a reflection in water and you have an idea. This is part of noticing. Sometimes you can go out looking for ideas; he talks about going to a space where you think you’ll get ideas, that’s noticing.

Any kind of suffering cramps the flow of creativity

-David Lynch

This is where I don’t necessarily agree with Lynch. I understand how it can cramp the flow, but for me, my suffering is the subject of my creativity. It certainly does stop me from doing work, learning and being creative sometimes, but I am constantly learning about my condition and my limitations and finding new ways to work around them. Is that not creativity?



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