The Hollow Woods

After being introduced to storytelling cards in the first few weeks of the course by Caroline, I set out to look for other examples of these cards that I could play with to see how I could incorporate the idea into my own work.

I found The Hollow Woods on an search. I was drawn to the intricate details in the black ink illustrations. The cards come in a nice box, with instructions on what games can be played using these cards. Each card has points on which they can connect to other cards, on either side so other cards can go either side of them, giving the option to create a seamless panorama spanning 170cm.

In terms of content of the cards, I really enjoyed Rohan Daniel Eason’s illustrations, with fine ink lines used to create depth and shadows, with large amounts of intricate detail, making you hone in on each individual card as well as the entire panorama created.

Thinking about what Scott McCloud said about lines of narrative, it got me thinking about how these cards are similar to the Bayeux tapestry in terms of a single reading line, but with the player being the storyteller and dictating how the story goes.

Sketchbook 05/12/17 ©Hollie Woodward 2017

This has got me thinking about adapting this style of storytelling but on the y axis as well, by providing two more points of connection. This way, cards can be arranged horizontally and vertically, and rotated to create different images depending on the visual content of the card.


Sketchbook 05/12/17 (2) ©Hollie Woodward 2017


I could play around with different shapes, with points of contact central on each side so they match when rotated. The more sides the shape has, the more lines of narrative, but they make all connect into one, I’m not sure. I need to make some mock-ups of how this would work, starting with the square cards, and then play around with other shapes.

I will simply draw a line on these cards just to see how they would link, and once I’ve nailed the lins I will look further into card content.


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