Drew Weing

Frame from “Pup Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe” ©Drew Weing

In the Ted Talk with Scott McCloud I recently posted about, he touches upon a couple of artists that have started to explore a single line of reading. One of these artists is Drew Weing,

His online digital comics, particularly in his “Pup” series, explore different ways of reading to the advantage of the narrative. It is difficult to put examples up on here as they are put uploaded online in segments and getting them to match on here isn’t possible. Here is the link for “Pup Ponders the Heat Death of the Universe”.


This comic is made up of a series of panels that can be read in one long single line of reading, from left to right. In this, there are some distinguished panels, like traditional comic books, but they start to blend in later in the strip.

Thinking about this idea in relation to my own work, I have to consider if I want my work on a digital platform. Having it online makes the work more accessible, and for fibromyalgia sufferers, this is far more convenient. Whether I create a comic or not, I would like my work to be accessible online to reach a wider audience, without being dictated by time and place.

I really like that Weing has used a computer interface as a viewfinder and not a frame, not limited to the rectangle of the screen. For my own work, the line of reading will depend on the story I tell, something I have to work on first.




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