Digital Piece

I have recently been working on making my work more time efficient. I can easily get bogged down with details, with a single piece taking me days to complete. If I am to create comics or zines, then I need to e able to use my time more efficiently whilst still creating quality work.

I had a few thumbnails I sketched in my sketchbook and am so used to just leaving them as thumbnails, I thought I would flesh one out into a finished piece. I want to have more finished pieces in this module, not just for this project but for portfolio building too.

I sketched this piece straight into Photoshop, creating an entirely digital piece. I am not entirely comfortable with this method yet, but feel that with practice I can be more confident in this process.

Once I had the sketch, I lined the piece, using my usual digital brushes and then filled in the colour. I normally leave he line work black, but wanted to try corresponding lines as I have seen it done in many images and wanted to try it. For me, it still felt flat and wanted to render it further.

Adding shadows and highlights allowed me to add more texture to the hair and vines. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the final piece ad took me a total of around 4 hours to complete, much more time efficient.

In terms of the image itself, the idea came from a number of symptoms. The multiple misplaced facial features for me represent the sensory overload experienced with fibromyalgia, as well as the confusion it creates. The large vines with spikes wrap around the body, causing pain. This is a depiction of my symptoms in a single moment. My fibromyalgia looks different everyday, every hour sometimes. It is forever morphing.

Although I’m not 100% happy with this, as I don’t feel it has enough of a narrative, I am going to start to submit this to zines. There’s one in particular I would like to submit this to, just to get an external opinion if anything. Drawn Poorly Zine is a new Manchester based collective that are creating zines based around chronic illness. They are currently looking for content for the first issue and I would like to include this.



Drawn Poorly Zine, (2017) About [online] Available at: (Accessed 01 January 2018


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