Digital Insomnia

I’ve recently been really struggling with insomnia as part of fibromyalgia. I have spent many nights laying awake, exhausted but physically unable to sleep. I decided to create a few pieces based on this sensation, using different methods.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I have been doing a lot of doodles recently in my sketchbook, not thinking too hard about composition but working more on emotions and going with my instincts. I wanted to transfer this to drawing digitally. It is a different experience, having to predetermine the scale of which to work in. This is somewhat of a doodle, inspired by previous work. I liked the mixed up facial features of my previous digital piece and started to draw that, working in some elements I’ve drawn previously when creating work inspired by Basquiat. I kept it simple black and white, just line work and using a couple of different brushes; ink and crayon. I am quite happy with this and is something I can definitely work with for future pieces.


©Hollie Woodward 2017

Working from the last digital piece that I created entirely digitally, I wanted to follow that and create something around insomnia. I believe that this was also a thumbnail from my sketchbook that I wanted to flesh out. Using the same techniques as the previous entirely digital piece, I created my own palette, which I’m quite proud of as I tend to rely on others palettes. This time, I used black line instead of coloured lines. I don’t know if I could translate this to other image ideas but for this one I think the rendered aesthetic works.

©Hollie Woodward 2017

I drew this one in my sketchbook one night when I couldn’t sleep. This is based off the previous image, but wanted to expand on that and start working on narrative. The content of this is entirely true, I do this to try and relax my mind and not think about anything in particular. I suppose it’s a form of meditation. But it is a harsh reminder that it is just in my head and my body won’t physically allow me to do any of this.

I sketched it in my sketchbook, lined it and scanned it. I wanted to add colour but didn’t want to commit to the page, so added it digitally. I played around with using crayon brushes to add shadow and highlights instead of harsh rendering. I’m not entirely happy with this. It feels amateurish and somehow incomplete. Saying this, I am happy and more confident now that I can create a finished panel or spread. I feel that with more practice I can work text and image together more harmoniously.


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