Inspired by Noel Fielding

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This evening, I had a real urge to paint. This possibly came from having Noel Fielding’s painting come through on my Instagram feed.

I have been a huge fan of his work since first watching the Mighty Boosh over 10 years ago and have purchased the Mighty Boosh book just for his paintings inside. After doing a bit of research, I learnt that he is inspired by Basquiat, which I can really see now, especially after being inspired by him myself, maybe that’s the connection.

His work, very much like his comedy, is a bizarre mix of pop culture and fantasy. What draws me to his work though is the aesthetic. I love the broad, fearless strokes, bold colours and texture through paint. I am not a painter and have never really felt comfortable with the medium, but fancied letting loose and giving it a go.

I have recently been trying to create characters for upcoming images for the project, so took one of these and started to paint it. Working on the background first, I used broad stroked with bold acrylic paint on watercolour paper, as its what I had to hand. I didn’t pre-draw the image, went straight in with paint. I found I started to fuss too much about blending when I got to filling in the skull, so started to broad again after. I added a bold black line, much like Fielding’s work, and played around with paint drips with not much success; that wasn’t for me.

Whether I will continue this way of working, I don’t know, but it was nice to have a break from drawing with ink and break out the paints that have been sitting at my desk for so long. I don’t know whether I will be using different mediums in my final project but I do think that this is something I can go back to if I decide to work in a range of media. I thoroughly enjoyed being more loose with my work, as I am so used to precision. I also think that this style could work for me better when I am struggling with symptoms in my hands.



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