Developing Narratives

So since looking at “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories”, I have been able to start developing some narratives for my own work. I was pretty grateful for this, as I had been struggling with progressing this project for a couple of weeks.

I have written down some mind maps with things I have experienced with my illness, but there are a huge amount of them and its hard to categorise such a vast amount of experiences and thoughts.

Since presenting my project so far last Wednesday to fellow students, it became clear that what I want to achieve from this project is not necessarily tell my audience what the symptoms are, but what the consequences of the symptoms are. For example, one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia is skin sensitvity. As a result of this, I m limited to what fabric I can wear, which means I’ve had to change my personal style, which in turn affects how good you feel in public and your overall demeanor. Seemingly small symptoms can have a huge effect. This is what I’m trying to get across in this work. You see a list of symptoms and may not think too much of them as you may have experienced some of them, but when it’s all the time, the effect is huge.

So, what I plan to do now is look at each symptom, then mind map from there. As pain is the most prominent symptom, I will then section into each body part, how theyre affected, then go into thoughts and stories about these points. The outer points will then become possible narratives for my project.

I am aware that this is not a short project, and am prepared for this to continue after this course is over. In fact, I’m actually quite pleased that it will. I don’t want what I’m doing on this course to finish when the course is over, leaving me stuck with nothing to do after.

So, now the plan is to get these mind maps down, and being able to start pulling stories and developing images.


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