Creating my own fonts and brushes

After the lecture on intellectual property, it got me thinking about the tools that I use in my work that may have copyright issues. I am aware of fonts that I use in my work, and only download ones that are 100% free as well as textures, but making my own would avoid any worry or possible concern about this issue. Also, it would make my work even more personal.

Using an online font generator, I made a few attempts at turning my handwriting into a font, so it is easier and more time efficient to create handwritten documents. I checked when downloading these fonts that they are permitted for commercial use, which they are, so I can continue to use them in projects.

The first font was done digitally using my drawing tablet. I am happy with the letter formation, but in a sentence, it looks very much like Comic Sans and don’t want it to be mistaken for it. I do use this font though for titles, using all caps.

The second attempt was handwritten quite quickly and scanned in before creating, and as a result is more natural and realistic, but still legible. I have been using this for written parts of zines, to give them a personal touch.

I have also been making my own brushes. I’ve done this a few times before, where I had made them and used them as stamps. These particular ones were taken from pages in my sketchbook, mainly doodles, again adding a personal touch with some relevance to subject.

This is my first attempt at making texture brushes though. I have been concerned that my digital work sometimes feels too flat, and want to bring some texture in to give it a bit more life. I had loads of fun playing with paint and different papers, as well as cling film and wax crayon. I made a series of textures on paper, as well as different brush marks, which I downloaded and made as textures on brushes, saving presets so I have them to work with in future projects. I have already started to use them, particularly in the Out of My Hands project.

I enjoyed creating these, but also they are of benefit to my work as not only will they improve them visually and add a more personal touch, but it removes the worry of copyright


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