Module 201 Proposal

My aim for this module is to collect feedback from different audiences. By doing this, I hope to have a better sense of my audience’s needs and what to do to strengthen the project’s function. My audiences are distinguished into three different groups; the invisible illness community, those affected by invisible illnesses and the wider public.

The invisible illness community consist of those who have been diagnosed with an invisible illness. What I have learnt from Module 101 is this group of people require less instruction in understanding the work I produce as they identify with many of the topics covered.

This being said, I want to ensure that what I am creating is of benefit to them. In Module 201, I will continue to share my work online in closed social media support groups and document the feedback I receive from this. All of my work I produce will be available to view online, for members to share for their benefit. Because our illnesses affect our mobility, it is often difficult to meet up as a group in person, but locally there are regular monthly group meetings that I plan to attend, bringing in work to share and open up a dialogue about. I am currently in the process of proposing a workshop to the administrator of the local invisible illness support group. Currently, the workshop will be a discussion about the ways in which we document our symptoms and experiences, what purpose they serve and modes of communication.

Those affected by invisible illness are people who don’t experience the symptoms directly, but has affected their life in some way. Examples are loved ones and relatives of invisible illness patients, as well as medical professionals. I will collect feedback from the occupational therapy department at my local hospital. As my work deals with the subject in an autobiographical way, I will be interested to see what responses I would receive from a medical standpoint. Also, I am aware that they are well connected with charities and other departments that would be interested in my work, so am hoping to have more contacts in the medical profession of which to share my work.

Loved ones and relatives are also affected by invisible illness, and would like to receive feedback from them. I plan to do this by starting with my own family. I would like to give them my work and ask questions on whether they understand it and whether it has given an insight into the direct experiences of invisible illnesses. I would also be interested to hear about how my illness affects them, as this is something that I know little about. This could also be of benefit to invisible illness patients moving forward with the project and applying this information into some of my work.

To engage a wider public, I plan to continue regularly sharing my work online, particularly Instagram, and see what responses I get. I will track when the best time to post is through experimentation, as well as what tags are the most popular. I also want to step outside of my comfort zone and apply for tables at art and zine fairs. I will continue creating work, to swap, sell and distribute. I would like to open up a dialogue about the work’s content with people who may have no previous knowledge about these illnesses and see what reaction this receives. Having my work online has been beneficial in addressing my questions about my work, but moving forward, I feel it needs to have a physical presence to have further impact.



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