Zine Swap

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I  follow a few zine groups on Facebook and zine swap posted this, this week. I aim to take part in the zine swap, not only as a way of distributing my work but to also receive zines from others to get a better feel for them and how I can utilise this format.

It is very soon and I do have a zine ready, but look like to use this opportunity to make new material. I have mind mapped a few ideas and feel that a zine around the theme of “Rest” would not only be suitable but also something I have a lot of material for.

I also want to be able to try and get some feedback from this. I will ensure that within the zine will be details of how to give feedback, relevant background information or a sort of manifesto to the project. There’s no certainty of getting any feedback, but what’s important is that I start to produce and distribute material.


The zines have to be posted by the 1st of March, so realistically have to be posted on Monday 26th February to ensure they are there on time. This leaves a week for me to produce content. This is a tight deadline, but this is the kind of thing I need to push me to create content and be more proactive in illustrating.

On the theme of “rest”, I have enough ideas to fit in a zine. A few of these include postcards from sick days; essentially views from days off resting. When people see that we have so much time off from employment, its assumed that its enjoyable. But it is just resting, sleeping in, not being able to go outside, isolation. Presenting them as postcards would be cool to play around with as well as a juxtaposition. I may even do the other side of the postcard where I say what I did that day, the highlight of the day, which tends to be very mundane. This could be a zine in itself.

I also have an idea for a pull out poster of my skeleton character napping, with the phrase “champion napper” or something along those lines, with a bright patchwork blanket and the text intergrated into the blanket. I want it to be bright and colourful, a celebration of the importance of rest.

I will more than likely do a separate post on the finished zine, but need to consider when producing the work, factors such as: colour/black and white (will affect tonal values), what paper to use, handbound or stapled etc. As I start to produce work for the zine, I will bare these questions in mind and will hopefully have a better idea of what the final zine will look out and how it’ll be made towards the end of the week.

In order to fulfill this deadline, the schedule is:

19/2 – plan content, start to story board and thumbnail ideas

20/2 – draw content

21/2 – draw content

22/2 – draw content

23/2 – digital editing, start to put together in InDesign

24/2-25/2 – tweak and catch up where needed

26/2 – print and post

The last day will be very busy, but I am a lot more confident in creating zines now and using the printers, so am not too stressed about not having enough time to make them. I want to focus on the content this week.


Zine Swap, (2018) Zine Swap [online] Leeds: Zine Swap. Available at: http://www.zineswap.com/ [Accessed 17 February 2018]


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