Counter Fair

Two of my zines (“Sick Days” and “Waiting Room”) were displayed at the Pylon Press/ BA (Hons) Illustration Plymouth College of Art table on Saturday 17th March at Royal William Yard, Plymouth. I created “Waiting Room” for this event, again using this opportunity as a deadline to create work. “Waiting Room” follows the same format I used in “Sick Days”, and looks at the doctor’s waiting room and thoughts and experiences that occur every time I’m in that situation. It is loosely aimed at medical professionals, detailing the angst that comes with medical appointments.

Counter Fair was an opportunity to see what monetary value this work could hold. I am uncomfortable pricing my own work as I am concerned about under or over pricing my work. I asked for advice from my tutor, who suggested working how much they cost to make and multiply by 3, and add on postage if necessary. This meant that my zines were priced at £5. This initially felt quite dear, but it was confirmed by another tutor that this was suitable.

I attended Counter Fair as a customer, to get a better idea of what was being sold, as well as their price and the quality and subjects within each publication. I wanted to see what people were drawn to. Looking around, I felt that in this scenario, I had priced my zines suitably. Unfortunately, I did not sell any on that day, but there was interest shown in my zines by customers. I think that if I had been at the stall in person, and engaged with customers, there is a chance I could have sold some.


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