Waiting Room

After creating “Sick Days”, I felt I found a format I am comfortable with and can use for different narratives. After recently spending a lot of time at doctor’s surgeries due to medication alterations, I found that I collected thoughts and emotions whilst in this environment.

The spaces themselves never really altered; only they had different people in and sometimes there was different signage. I have been to a number of different waiting rooms in different doctors surgeries, so started to take photos whilst I was there to work from, as I was not able to set up drawing in a short space of time whilst waiting for my appointment.

I drew scenes from photos in a similar style to the illustrations in “Sick Days”, and started to marry elements of different photographs together to get new environments that were in the same family of imagery.

I have been playing around with the use of colour lately. I have been interested in making palettes and digital brushes of handmade textures to use in my digital work, but have not yet utilised them. Because I have collected so many, I think there is a hesitance in me to use them, and an anxiety of using the wrong ones in the wrong places.

I wasn’t sure of how to integrate colour and texture into the drawings, and had little time before Counter Fair to really explore my options with it. I started small and used a single colour, highlighting parts of the scene depicted with the same colour throughout. I chose a muddy green as it is frequently used in the decor of NHS buildings.

On reflection, I could have used this method in a much smarter way, perhaps by using it as a trail of someone’s presence, rather than randomly highlighting parts of each scene. This is definitely something to play around with as I get more accustomed to integrating colour in these works.


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