Invisible Letters: Proposal

My initial idea for this module was simply to collect feedback to see what people read into my work and from that, see how I can strengthen the message. This isn’t going to be enough for me. I’m getting feedback and still feel like I’m keeping a distance from the invisible illness community.

I have been thinking about Anne Marie Culhane’s lecture, and how interesting “Diary Keepers” was, and feel that there is a project along this vein that would be a way for people with invisible illness to communicate their experiences. Because my work has been aimed at someone in particular so far, whether I have addressed it or not, I thought that letters could be an appropriate way to communicate to others.

Before I started the project, I wanted it to be clear to me, to have something to refer to if there were any questions from possible participants. Here is my proposal.


Project Proposal: Invisible Letters


Living with an invisible illness is a difficult thing to communicate. Our symptoms and their life implications are often difficult to quantify, making it harder to communicate with our loved ones, to medical professionals, even to strangers. We are affected in different ways and it is easy to feel isolated, and not feel the freedom to discuss the taboos of our illnesses.

Also, there is a lot of information available about a variety of invisible illnesses, but very few publications that collate a range of first hand experiences of illness; discussing the sensations and life implications having a chronic illness has on a person.

I propose Invisible Letters; a project where invisible illness sufferers can contribute letters, with content aimed at their loved ones, medical professionals, strangers, politicians etc about anything regarding their condition. This will coincide with National Letter Writing Month.



  • To provide a platform for those that feel the need to speak out
  • To provide a resource for fellow sufferers to share and find comfort in
  • To provide a resource for those affected by invisible illness as well as the general public
  • To create a reference for future projects



The end result of the project will be a zine, published online for others to share and made available to purchase in print if there is enough interest whilst collecting submissions. The zine will comprise of letters sent in by other sufferers. The order and chapters within the zine will be determined by the content submitted. I also plan to break up the text with illustrations, based upon photographs submitted alongside letters.

A Google form will form the basis of each submission, with options to remain anonymous or give more detail about their condition. My email address will also be provided for those wanting to submit via email.



Task Start and End Dates
Phase One Call for submissions. Promote this online va Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, using Google forms and option to send via email. Contact individuals I would like to contribute to the publication, including closed online support groups 06/04/18- 20/04/2018
Phase Two Collate, respond and organise submissions. Possible extension if necessary 20/04/2018- 27/04/2018
Phase Three Design the zine, create illustrations based on photographs submitted, and format ready for print and online publication 28/04/2018- 11/05/2018

Project Budget
There is no budget for this project. If there is interest in a printed publication, I will use my own funds for a limited production, to be sold

Key Stakeholders

Project Manager – Hollie Woodward


Monitoring and Evaluation

During Phase One, a submission check will be done daily and a list of participants will be collated onto a spreadsheet for updates. If I do not have 10 submissions by Phase One deadline (20/04/2018), I will extend the deadline for another week and increase publicity of submitting on social media platforms, and continue to contact people directly.

Invisible Letters – Online Submission Posts


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