Call For Submissions

As the invisible illness community largely reside online, there are very few meet ups locally because the nature of some of the conditions this encompasses. I wrote a call for letters whilst writing the brief, had it proof read by my colleagues and a friend in marketing, so felt comfortable with sharing online.

I posted this at 8pm on Friday evening, as I was told that is a prime time for social media users. I have posted things before online and had little response, not because of the content but the time it was posted. I wanted as many people to see this as possible, hence why I posted at this time.

I was extremely nervous to post this, as this is the first time I have proposed to work with people I don’t know. I am pleased that I went through with it, because I nearly didn’t. I wasn’t going to let anxiety get the better of me because I feel that this could be a really important project with potentially a fair amount of power.


Call for Letters!


Ever wanted to tell someone something about your invisible illness? To a loved one, a medical professional, a politician or even a total stranger? How about writing a letter to this person?


Invisible Letters is a new project, with the aim to provide a space to talk freely about invisible illness.  Collectively this could be made into a useful resource in educating and breaking taboos around this issue.


For this project, we are looking for letters about how your condition impacts you. What do you want others to know that you may find difficult to say in person? It can be as long or as short as you’d like; to someone in particular or to people in general. You can write your letter about whatever you like, but there’s no pressure to be overly personal, if that doesn’t feel right. This is a space to have your say.


Please use the google form (link in my bio), or email me at Any questions? Please feel free to DM me.


Deadline for letters is 20th April, so get writing.


Oh, and please share this call out with others!



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