Drawn Poorly Zine

During the course so far I have been engaging with other artists, chronic illness sufferers and activists through social media and have come across Drawn Poorly Zine. In their first issue, they say:

“Drawn Poorly is a Manchester based collective, starting honest conversations about long term conditions and chronic illnesses. This is an inclusive space where artists and writers can respond to experiences; whether they are their own or those of people they know or admire.”

Each zine has a theme and the first issue looked at identity. I was going to submit some work for this, but didn’t get the chance due to other commitments, but I managed to submit some work for their second issue about relationships.



Because the theme for this issue was relationships, there were a few aspects that I could look at. I could look at the relationship I have with my relatives, particularly my dad, and how my illness has changed the dynamics of our roles. I could also look at how isolating this illness is, and how difficult it has been to meet new people. These are issues that I want to look at in my work in more depth and I already feel relatively comfortable talking about them.

I am currently single and dating, and find approaching the subject of having a chronic illness difficult. Do I be upfront? Would that be scary or be making a bigger deal of it than it is? Or do I wait? Could I be accused of being misleading or lying? It’s almost like “coming out” sometimes. I had an idea for illustrating a realistic and honest presence on an online dating app, where the visible and invisible are put side by side.

I finally put some of my colour palettes to good use, as well as included texture into the pieces. I am happy with the contrast and think the text does a lot of work in conveying the message here. I’m still not entirely happy with how they came out as I still feel that I have a lot of sketchbook work to do before finding a method I am confident in. But for the brief, and the short amount of time I had to do it, I am happy with the results and am comfortable with putting my name to the work. I am also really happy that my work was selected for the second issue and is another step forward into promoting myself as an illustrator. This zine will most likely be distributed to Wellcome Collection, as well as various zine libraries and be sold at zine and art fairs.




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