Website Inspiration

It has become really apparent to me that I need to have a website, to work as a digital portfolio, and direct people in this direction to see my finished work. Currently, I am using Instagram for this purpose, but for me Instagram is more of a digital sketchbook. On there, I show what I’m working on and keep people up to date with what I’m doing. You have to really look through the page to get to finished pieces and not everyone has time to do that.

I have put together websites before, but this was a few years ago and for my photography work. I wanted to look at websites of illustrators I admire to see if my taste in website’s aesthetics has changed and if it is different to how I laid out my photography site. I made a list of artists I currently really like and made notes on their sites.


Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo Website
  • Uses his logo/signature in the top left corner
  • Vertical menu on left side
  • Drop down “Projects” menu. Less clutter in the menu panel
  • Scroll down page for more images
  • The images fit the space, sequentially downwards
  • There’s a space in the menu between the content and links to social media platforms. Perhaps made easier to find these with more immediacy
  • Plain white background, makes the colours of the content more punchy


Joe Todd Stanton

Joe Todd Stanton Website
  • Logo in the top left with menu underneath
  • Times New Roman font used, don’t feel this font would work for me, perhaps a sans serif font
  • Mosaic of assorted images scrolling down, similar to Tumblr layouts. I’d want to categorise them
  • Minimal items on menu
  • Good showcase of range of work
  • Limited colour palette in fonts and logo


Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford Website
  • Logo top left, menu horizontal across the top
  • Portfolio is displayed as tiles next to each other with no space between
  • Scroll down through portfolio
  • Icons at the bottom of screen for links to social media, using the logos to link to sites
  • Minimum text, largely images


Ben Newman

Ben Newman Website
  • Logo and name in the top left corner
  • Horizontal menu across top from the right, divided by a “/”
  • Again, there’s a Tumblr-like mosaic layout to images
  • Description, title and date under each image
  • Scroll down for more content


Luke Pearson

Luke Pearson Website
  • Logo in the top left
  • Separated menu like Cavolo’s on the left side
  • Tumblr-like scroll through
  • Each image tagged into a group
  • Each imaged titled, opens to more information on each image


Philippa Rice

Philippa Rice Website
  • Logo/name in the top left
  • Horizontal menu across the top
  • Some items on the menu are links to other pages on sites
  • Scroll down through images on pages


Robbie Cathro

Robbie Cathro Website
  • Each project listed as an item in the menu on the left side (vertical) Feels quite cluttered but liked being able to see every project. For only a few projects, this could work
  • Images displayed with title and date, easier to refer to
  • Some pages have more information on projects and it’s background
Robbie Cathro Website


Jack Teagle

Jack Teagle Website
  • Powered by Cargo Collective
  • Self portrait in circle as logo/profile picture
  • Name underneath and vertical left hand menu
  • Each image is tagged (which are visible) and can search for that tag to see other work with the same tag


By doing this, I have had a lot of ideas for what my site would look like. Because my work is starting to be more sequential and in distinct series, having my work displayed as projects will work for a while, until I have too many to fill the menu, then I will have a drop down menu.

I know I want a white background. This is so it is easier to read, cleaner and less information to load when opening the site, so its quicker.

In terms of how to start my website, I have trialed a few different sites, including Square Space, Cargo Collective and Wix. For me, Wix works best for me as I am a visual person and work better being able to lay things out with guides, like Photoshop. Cargo Collective is great if you know more about coding, which I do not. Square space also has some good templates to work from but is quite expensive. So I am going to start building my site with Wix.

Once I have more projects that I feel are complete and I am happy with, I can start to build my site and make it live. I do not want to present a work in progress site at this point.


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