Module 301 Proposal

Continuing with the live project from Module 201, I would like to illustrate and create picture books, zines or other appropriate print products based upon the content of the letters participants submitted for the Invisible Letters Project. I would like to be able to illustrate these letters in an attempt to visually translate people’s experience of invisible illness with sensitivity and empathy.


As I have received 14 letters, I know that it is not realistic to have illustrated all 14 before the exhibition in September. This would leave approximately 1 week per letter, which isn’t enough time to create a high quality item, that would best reflect the letter’s content. With this in mind, I aim to illustrate 7 of the letters, with at least 5 publications completed for exhibition. This would leave me 2 weeks per letter, for the first 7 letters chosen. This will vary according to the content and length of each letter.


Task Start End Duration
1st Letter 07/05 20/05 13
2nd Letter 21/05 03/06 13
3rd Letter 04/06 17/06 13
4th Letter 18/06 01/07 13
5th Letter 02/07 15/07 13
6th Letter 16/07 29/07 13
7th Letter 30/07 12/08 13
Printing, Finishing 13/08 26/08 13
Exhibition Prep 27/08 08/09 12


They will be chosen in no particular order, but starting with ones I feel more comfortable illustrating, to the ones that are more challenging. The remaining 7 will be completed after the module. It may not be possible for me to illustrate all letters, if I do not feel that the content can be illustrated, but I have outlined this issue in the Invisible Letters manifesto. I will also maintain contact with each participant, to discuss ideas and authorship.


During Module 301, I would like to continue with developing my aesthetic through experimenting with different techniques, to find an appropriate medium for each individual letter, that both myself and the participant feels suitable. I would also like to engage in more methods of accessibility, so that I am not restricting viewers with an illness or disability, both visible and invisible. This could be both in the content of the work, as well as the form e.g use of materials, text etc.


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