Health Update

I can’t tell if it’s the warm weather, or whether being on the MA has affected my symptoms, but I have been feeling pretty good. I do still have occasional aches and pains, and am still tired, but it isn’t stopping me from doing what I want to do nearly as much. My mood is generally good, and feeling positive and productive.


Because weather affects how I’m feeling, physically and mentally, the hot weather we’ve been having has undoubtedly helped. But also, having somewhere to be, things to do to keep me busy daily, is really helping me. I’m starting to look at what I can do after I finish the degree, applying for jobs etc. I am more confident that I would be able to work longer hours than I would’ve before.

This is all great news, but it is actually affecting the content for my work. My work is about my illness and how it affects me, but currently its not really affecting me. This has made it difficult to create new pieces about the sensations I’m experiencing as there isn’t really anything to document. I am currently focusing on the zines, translating others experiences into illustrations. That way, I have something to work from instead of the void I currently have.

This does make me nervous though for the final show. I will be presenting the zines from Invisible Letters, but I am having doubts about the animation. I am able to do it, but don’t feel that at the moment it would be authentic. Possibly a series of short animations based on what I’ve previously done. This is something I really need to look into. Possibly a print/poster could also work. But what of?


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